Global Workshop Series for the Academic Year 2023-2024

Over the coming year, #DemocratizingWork and the WageIndicator Foundation, will jointly host five global workshops to discuss the reinvention of work – not for the sake of making it more efficient, but to make it greener, more social, and more democratic!

Work conditions are changing fast, and many of these changes are globally interconnected. Digitization drives new work patterns and business practices, while the need to decarbonize changes the nature of many jobs. This series brings together progressive academics and practitioners from around the world to discuss these issues with each other but also with all the participants.
Together, we can work it out!

Here is the exciting line-up of topics:

September 29, 2023: “Decolonializing work and value creation”
December 1st, 2023: “Working less, living more?”
January 26, 2024: “Enabling workers to govern their work”
March 22, 2024: “Union politics and unions’ mission”
June 7, 2024: “Circular economy, circular work?”

Registration here.

Every global workshop will be held online and will last 90 minutes, at 5am San Francisco-Vancouver | 6am Mexico City | 7am Bogotá | 8am NYC-Montréal | 9am Santiago | 2pm Paris-Johannesburg | 5.30pm New Delhi | 7pm Jakarta | 10pm Sydney.


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